Protection of dogs from ticks

Not so long ago the danger that the dog will bite the tick, was high only when visiting the forests. Now the ticks expanded their habitat so much that the danger lies in animals not only in the forest, but even in urban parks or thick grass in front of the house. The bites of ticks that are in the country are dangerous to the occurrence of not only viral and infectious diseases, but also the likelihood of harmful bacteria into the body of the animal. Some of the pebble diseases are fatally dangerous for four-legged pets, so it is important to take care to avoid bites. With the arrival of warm weather in the ticks begins the phase of activity, which continues until the end of the summer, so that it is during this period that it is worth paying the most attention to the animal.

To prevent tick bites and their consequences, it is important to perform several basic rules. First of all, remember that high thickets are one of the main places of mites, especially if they are in the shade in high humidity. It is important to ensure that the dog avoids such places. Even if the tick is closed on the animal, then your constant attention to it can warn you and the pet from the problem. It is recommended after each walk to inspect the dog's body, as well as combing wool to identify the emergence of the problem at the earliest stage. Only some of the ticks are not contagious, and putting the blood during the week itself falls off. The rest of the ticks even per day can cause severe intoxication of the body, which is fraught with a lot of problems.

There are special preparations that will help scare the parasites. Depending on your form, it can be a special collar, drops or spray. Using the spray, you can achieve the maximum level of protection, but you need to process the animal body quite often. In addition, it is important not to miss a single part of the body, because the tick can be attached. Drops and collars have less efficiency. In addition, they carry the danger to the dog, if the drugs fall into the oral cavity. For dogs with long wool, it is important that the amount of drugs used is doubled compared to smooth-haired rocks. And most importantly, do not forget that before using such drugs you need to consult with the veterinarian, because in many dogs they appear allergic reactions. buy