Saboteur passing tips - Side Missions: Doctor's History

This time you have to blow up the gun on top of the pantheon. Go to the place and enter the building in German form. Go to the room with big statues.

Then beware of the guards, go to the elevator on the left and climb upstairs. On the first floor, go to the second elevator located next to two soldiers with flamethroughs, and go to the second floor.

On the second floor, go to a small square elevator and climb on it even higher. Exit the room where you will find yourself, and start climbing the stairs.

Finally, you will find a round room with several enemies. Avoid them and head for a cannon. Rear to them and place explosives at the specified place, right in front of two barrels. Go to a safe distance and quickly escape from the scene after the explosion. Next to the gun is a system that turns off the alarm that can be useful to you when shooting.

History Duval Mingo

Pale (Duval Mingo)

Mingo will order you to kill his former girl who is a singer. Go to the specified place, but do not go inside, just pick up the roof of the building, from where you will see your goal. Prepare a sniper rifle, skid the girl's head and click on the trigger. Now quickly move away from the point of action, if you were fast enough, then no alarm will be, and wait until the Nazis calm down.

Then take the German shape and go inside. Climb on the stage, where the girl sang, and take a medallion lying on it. Leave this place and come back in Mingo.

Hunter or game (Duval Mingo)

Revenge continues. This time you have to kill the former Mingo girl. Go to the specified place and talk to a member of the resistance to the gate. Enter the street where shooting happens, and use a sniper rifle to shoot multiple snipers on the right.

It is possible that you will not see them all from the ground, so pick up the wall in the building on the left. From here you can easily deal with other snipers.

Start running on the roofs on the left. At some point, the officer Wolf will appear on the balcony of the building on the right, he is your goal. Try to kill it with a sniper rifle and click on the trigger.

By killing him, quickly jump into the street, run through the gate and start moving to the resistance-protected point. After reflection, the attack mission will end.


Purpose: Knock 2 Nazis.

Reward: Unlocking attack from hook.

Punch surprise

Purpose: Make 10 silent murders.

Award: Unlock "Unexpected Punch".

Gloomy mower

Purpose: Silently kill 5 generals.

Reward: Unlock an attack called Touch of Death.

How: Generals usually go with the protection of several soldiers, so a good way to approach such small parts and provoke them to follow you. When you disappear from their field of view, they calm down and start returning. Sometimes it happens that the general follows his soldiers at such a moment. All you need to do is to paint it and quietly kill him from behind. You can also use a gun with a silencer to kill the guards from behind, retreat in time, and when he calms down and stay alone, just kill him. Looking for an honest casino to play for real money? Our rating of the best gaming clubs will help you. The list includes the coolest establishments in Canada. It is possible to play everywhere directly on the mobile site, without downloading the application. In addition to the best online casinos to play, you will find: a short overview of games with the best return to player, basic principles of playing for money on the Internet, answers to frequently asked questions, and real reviews from casino customers. The rating of popular online casinos was created by players for players.