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Individual Online Courses

In a typical group class, all of the teacher's attention is equally divided among the students. For example, if a class lasts 100 minutes and the number of students is 5, the teacher gives each of them a total of 20 minutes. He asks questions randomly, asking students in a random order. And while the instructor talks to one student, the others have to wait their turn. This type of training does not suit everyone.

Individual online lessons fully solve this problem. All the time the teacher devotes only one student, which allows the latter to study the material more thoroughly and to accelerate their progress. In addition, one-to-one lessons allow the student to move at their own comfortable pace, because the online tutor adapts exactly to him. If the student doesn't understand something, he can always stop the teacher and ask him a question without slowing down the whole group. And vice versa: if the student grasps everything on the fly, an online tutor can move through the program faster.

As we mentioned earlier, for some students it is difficult to relax and work in a group. They may be shy about their level or afraid to make a mistake so they don't look silly in the eyes of their classmates. An online tutor creates a comfortable environment for the student to reach their full potential.

Individual online lessons: what are the benefits

Individual online lessons are a guarantee of quality. The teachers find an approach to each student, so that the learning process is as productive as possible. If a student fails at something, the teacher will give more time and attention to it: he/she will ask additional questions, explain an unclear word one more time and give more examples. In other words, an online tutor will not move on if he or she sees that the student has not yet mastered the material properly. And since everything works on a snowball principle - that is, the next material interacts closely with the one you've already learned - you can't do without a solid foundation.

In group classes, all questions are divided equally among the students. In a group class, you'll have to answer all the questions yourself. And while in a group class you would have a break while you wait for your turn, an online individual tutor will only let you rest while he asks the question. There is, however, a huge plus here: your preparation will be much more effective.

An online tutor for kids will help your child start learning in a fun and hassle-free way. The tutor dedicates all 50 minutes of the lesson to just one child, moving through the program at a comfortable pace for your child.

How Online Lessons Work

The online tutor follows the same curriculum as a group class. The student goes through the same levels. Depending on the diligence and ability of the student, the levels can be completed at different speeds. According to the method, the teacher can not take more than 5 pages of new material in regular group classes. This is done in order not to overload the students and better fix new words and constructions in memory.

Individual online tutor can afford to present more pages of new material, if the student already knows some of the words in the list of new or if he is fast to remember and absorb everything. Because of this, in individual lessons the student can pass levels much faster than if they were studying in a group.

The structure of the class remains the same. The student and the teacher talk on Skype, the student asks questions independently, using the words from the last lesson, and then the teacher goes on to repeat what he has learned. Ten to 15 minutes each is devoted to reading and writing, and then the student is expected to present the new material. At the end of the lesson, the online tutor invites the student to independently compose questions with the new words and constructions. It is also possible to use the homework help service.

What equipment is needed

You can't have a good online lesson without a good Internet connection. To avoid being distracted by connection problems, take care of Internet quality beforehand. If you're tutoring in a cafe, be aware: in many establishments, Wi-Fi only works for an hour, after which you'll have to reconnect. An online tutor usually conducts classes from the school office, so there should be no interruptions on his part.

In addition to a quality Internet connection, you will need a computer with a camera and a microphone, a laptop or a smartphone. In the classroom, it is important for the teacher and the student to see and hear each other well.

And, of course, you need an appropriate level of book to take the course. You can buy a printed version or use online tutorials.