Materials for making cosplay weapons


By its properties and applications in cosplay is similar to argolite (PVC), but in contrast to the latter has much greater strength, less plasticity and greater roughness. In contrast to all the same argolite varies in thickness. And that is why it is worth using in those cases where the design should be higher strength for a vigilance wing. Also in some cases it is much more beautiful and aesthetically beautiful to look a part made of 20mm plywood than if the same part is glued from several layers of argolite. In general, if you need a higher strength part, or need a certain thickness of the part, then plywood is your choice.

I have no idea how or for what kind of suit you can use plywood. You always have to keep in mind the weight of such materials if you're going to be in a suit for more than five minutes.

Many of the experienced cosplayers, the ones who have "got into the taste" as they say, sew not one or two costumes a year, but many more. And with the amount sewn gradually begin to realize that "not gabardine alone" lives a cosplayer. In addition, not all costumes consist of pure tailoring. Many of the cosplays, are not without serious crafting or making some small details. But there are some of the costumes that already in their design require quite complex, and sometimes even engineering solutions, forcing you to think about their implementation. And not always the first method you come up with is the right one and the best one. It often happens that you have to redo the same element of the costume several times to get the perfect effect. But any technical solution requires some kind of materials for its realization. To be more specific about materials for making complex costume shapes and surfaces, such as complex masks, relief surfaces, all sorts of suites and individual parts of costumes clearly far removed from the usual human anatomy. This category also includes various imitations of iron arms, huge hats the size of three or four heads, tails, horns, various growths, and much, much more...