How to remove spots with red wine

Raising toasts, it is good to have a good red wine, but there is always the opportunity to have a little wine to fall on your favorite blouse, lit the skirt or shedding on the carpet .. This should not cause panic, because there are various proven stain removal methods from red wine.

First of all, it is important to act as soon as possible after the spill, because the faster you act, the higher the chances to completely remove the stain.

If you have white wine or white sparkling wine, immediately apply it on a stain from red wine. This method is applicable only when the stain from wine is fresh and not dried. Leave the wine for a few minutes, then rinse with water with a soft detergent.

If you do not have white wine or you do not want to spend it on the removal of stains, try to remove the red wine from the napkins with fresh milk.

If you cannot apply the methods for removing stains from the red wine that you have tried so far, sprinkle with a large amount of salt. Wait until the salt has a fluid, repeat if necessary.

Salt does not rub, it is just slightly shaken. Try to remove the residues with warm water.

Hydrogen peroxide is quite effective when it comes to removing persistent stains, even if it comes to blood spots or red wine. Many owners prefer him because it is effective for both dry and old spots.

Mix in equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap, then apply gently on a stain. Wipe with a clean cloth. The procedure is repeated until the spots are completely disappeared.

You can also try using glycerin to clean stains from red wine. The treated area is treated with glycerol, mixed egg yolk, one yolk is mixed with 50 g of glycerol. Processed in this way are left for several hours, after which it is thoroughly washed with water.

Glycerin can also be used in combination with 1 part of the dishwashing detergent and 8 parts of water.

You can try to remove wines from wine with shaving foam or food soda combined with white wine.

Remove stains with soap.

Rust with painted furniture remove with a solution of soap solution and glycerin from water in the same quantity. Dirty cloth wipe with a solution, leave for a day, then rinse and rinse with warm water.

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